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Fast And Easy Ways To Make Money

I am about to show you an incredibly simple way to make money online. Ok I admit that it might not be the absolute "easiest" way to make money online as the title suggests, but it is pretty darn easy. And it's completely free!

Simple And Quick Way To Make Money

This is actually part of a chapter out of my "Craigslist Profits Guide" that I wrote earlier this year. It has sold hundreds of copies and I've gotten many rave reviews from it, so you can be sure this is something that does work.

Before using this method, there are a couple of quick steps you need to take:
  • The first thing you need to do is sign up for the eBay Affiliate Program if you are not already an affiliate. It's very easy to do and it's free.

  • The eBay affiliate program is run through Commission Junction, so after you sign up you will be sent an email from them. It will contain your log-in information and there will also be a form attached to the email that you MUST mail or fax to them. DO NOT forget this part because it is required. More details will be in the email.
You will also be sent an email welcoming you to eBay. Save that email because it gives you some links and information you will find useful.

Once you have done the two steps above, here is how you can easily make some extra money…

Go to and find the "wanted" ads. They are under the "for sale" section in the middle of the page. You can do this in your area or any other city/state you want.

Once you are in the wanted section you will see all sorts of different ads that people have put up looking for various items. Just about all of the items people are looking for can be found on eBay.

So all you have to do is go to eBay and use their search function to find the item. Then reply to the Craigslist ads telling them you have found the item they are looking for and give them your affiliate link to the listing on eBay.

Are you confused yet? Don't be, it's easy! And I'll make it even easier for you…

Here are the step-by-step instructions for doing this:

1) If you have done what I said above, you are now in the Craigslist "wanted" section and are looking at a bunch of ads that people have put up wanting various items.

2) Click on and ad that you think would be easy to find on eBay and can be shipped easily. For example, the ad title might be, "Wanted – Apple iPod" and when you click on it the ad says that person wants an iPod with at least 20 GB storage and they might list some other minimum requirements.

3) Go to eBay and use the search feature to find the item they want. Or if you know what category the item would be in, you can just go directly to it.

4) If the item is something like an iPod that can be shipped easily then you can use listings from anywhere. But if it's an item that can't easily be shipped (such as a car) then you will want to narrow the listings to the area the person who placed the ad is in.

To do this just look on the left column of the eBay listings. You will see some "search options" and under it them is "location". You can then narrow the search to items within a certain number of miles of their location.

5) You will now see all the eBay listings for the item you just searched for.

6) Create your affiliate link. Open a new window in your browser and go to eBay's Flexible Destination Tool. Follow their simple instructions to create your link to the search listings you found in step five.

7) Go back to the Craigslist ad from step two and reply to it. Send them a fairly short email letting them know you found X number of the items they are looking for and they are all within X amount of miles of their location (if applicable). Be sure to include your affiliate link to the eBay listings so you get credit if they buy one.

That's it! You're done. How easy is that?

I've used this money making method quite a few times and it works very well. I've also had a lot of positive feedback from others who have tried it. Of course, most people will not buy but some of them do and that's where you make money.

I haven't ever had anyone complain about me emailing them either. They are usually more than happy to get your email because you are doing nothing but helping them find something they have already said they are looking for.

Remember you can do this in any city because you aren't actually putting up a listing. It's not something that has to be limited to your own area, so you can find a virtually unlimited number of wanted ads.

There you have it. A very easy way to make money online without spending a single penny. You won't get rich doing this but you can definitely earn some extra cash.
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